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"The great thing about vinyl flooring is that it provides a relatively continuous covering without the gaping seams and natural absorbency of wood or the grout lines of ceramic tile. It's this skinlike quality that makes vinyl flooring so attractive." AZCentral.com

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Vinyl Chips........

For years, seamless vinyl flooring has been a specialized type of flooring, known only to commercial construction, available only in a few coloThe Beauty of a Vinyl Chip Seamless Floorrs, and installed only by a few specialists who knew the "secrets" of how to apply DecorChips™ Vinyl Chip Flooring. However, in the last few years seamless vinyl chip flooring has undergone tremendous growth as the flooring of choice for designers, architects, interior decorators, installers and everyday homeowners, VinylChips.com has clearly emerged as the industry leader.

And now.....here is your one stop, comprehensive shopping location for all your ingredients, tools, supplies, chemicals, training guides, color charts, and installation information, available to everyone--from the beginning amateur to the experienced professional--all at prices that you will not find anywhere else.

And Now.......At last here is the highest quality seamless vinyl floor finish available in almost every imaginable color combination. HERE is what all the talk is about, and in more colors than the imagination could ever develop.....! Flooring experts have been using this process for a long time, but now, our creative combinations of color flakes creates extraordinary effects, and our support and training aids bring it all to YOU!

DecorChips™ Vinyl Chips are designed to compliment any color scheme inside or outside of your home or business. Marbelite International Corporation has been a leader in colored vinyl (flake) chips since 1967 used by professionally trained flooring applicators.

The DecorChips™ seamless flooring vinyl chip system is used as an alternative system for Granite/Terrazo, but with much more versatility. The installation is simple for any trained amateur or experienced coating professional, so to learn more about the advantages of our exciting product, click on the button below.

More Standard Colors ...

VinylChips.com brings you 16 standard colors, ready to deliver to you immediately, more than twice the number we offered just a few short months ago, and more than you will find ANYWHERE ELSE. Call today, we ship tomorrow for these 16 selections. Click on the button below to sample these 16 standard colors.

More Custom Colors ...

Vinyl Chips.com offers the largest collection of vinyl chip color blends in the world. If you think we have a bigger selection of standard colors (and we DO!), then wait until you see how we lap the field in the arena of custom colors, to provide just the perfect blend to fit any decor or style. Don't waste your time blending chips! Time is money! VinylChipsoffers more than 120 blends sized to the popular 1/4" and all ready to install!


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